Third lecture of the project Start-up Romani Women

The third lecture of the educational program for promoting women's entrepreneurship ''Startup Romani Women'', was held on Thursday, March 23rd 2017. This lecture was dedicated to the business plan topic and the guidelines for writing one. The lecturer Goran Kukic, CEO of Evident Ltd, introduced the most important parts and the significance of completing a business plan before engaging in entrepreneurial ventures. On this occasion, he pointed out that the business plan is one of the most important items that require attention before opening a company. Participants agreed that writing a business plan is an important step and carefully followed the lecture. During the interesting and informative lecture, the lecturer presented the elements of a business plan - brief description of the business plan, mission and vision of the business, business activity of the company, market definition, description of products or services, organization and management, marketing, finance, and the importance of each of these elements. In addition, the lecturer stressed out the importance of market research and SWOT analysis. It was pointed out that the business plan should be clear, concise, and written on a few pages. During his lecture, he presented the posibilities of financing business ventures and how to reach target groups. Finally, he presented legal forms of companies, which are the benefits and differences, and where participants can find free assistance and consultations.