Presentation of DAReC and OPENS within the Danube School of Cultural Heritage

Danube School of Cultural Heritage 2019 has started! Pericipants from 11 countries joined this diverse and versatile academic program.

Since the arrival participants joined conversations in regards to Cultural Heritage of the region and they were interested in the following program during 6 days of school.

As an introduction, Mr. Vukašin Grozdanović, coordinator of organization OPENS presented their activities and welcomed participants to European Youth Capital 2019! Participants were very interested in presented programs and current events that are happening in the City of Novi Sad.

Presentation of DAReC was provided by director Mr. Aleksandar M. Gajić who explained the progress of developing the organization and projects that were held. Director of DAReC also explained the purpose and expected results of the Danube School of Cultural Heritage 2019.

Participants than joined cocktail and dinner while having impression that this kind of school improves the awareness of importance to preserve Cultural Heritage and share the knowledge and experiences from various parts of the Danube Region.