Fourth day of Danube School of Cultural Heritage

After the Saturday’s traditionally Serbian night in Pub in Laze Telečkog in Novi Sad, the participants started their morning lecture with Kristina Radović, whose Master Thesis was Alternative instruments of financing cultural heritage, which was also the theme of today’s lecture. At the beginning she explained why financing cultural heritage is important and in which way is it used. Also, she described what dealing with finance for some projects means and why is it necessary to have financial support. On the other side, Kristina clarified two instruments of funding in non-government sector which are greatly used and she compared it with situation in Serbia and in other countries. Furthermore, she pointed out why UNESCO is significant for financing and what should we do to save cultural heritage in our states and in our cities. 

The right after the quick break, participants had continued with the similar theme, but this time with lecture moderated by prof. dr Peter Strasser, professor at Danube University of Krems in Austria. The topic of the speech was UNESCO World Heritage – Meaning and Management. His lecture was dedicated to meaning of cultural heritage and to explanation how good became a cultural heritage. The participants were very active. They were telling examples of cultural heritage in different parts of the world and what cultural heritage represents for them. Prof. showed “1,000 Places to See Before You Die”, which was very interesting to the participants. Moreover, he explained who takes care about cultural heritage and recognition of cultural heritage on international level.  

After the lecture, participants had a lunch and then they had an excursion in Sremski Karlovci. There they visited historical places important to Serbian culture and winery, where they had a chance to try traditional wines.