Danube Spring School opening ceremony

The opening ceremony of the Danube Spring School 2017 was held at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, on May 3rd 2017. The Danube Spring School is the first event of the Danube Schools Series. The Danube Spring School was designed in partnership with the European Danube Academy. The Danube Summer School 2017 in Ulm will be the follow up event after Danube Spring School 2017. The opening ceremony marked the beginning of this year’s edition of these events. The participants were greeted by the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, professor Ivana Živančević Sekeruš, who wished the participants to enjoy their stay in Novi Sad and spend their time listening to relevant lecturers and have fruitful discussions. Aleksandar M. Gajić, the president of the board of the Danube Area Research Center, addressed the participants and thanked them for their interest in the event and wished them a pleasant stay in Novi Sad. Later professor Pavle Sekeruš also greeted the participants and asked them about their educational background in order to get an insight on the group. The Danube Spring School was developed with the aim to bring together young people of various nationalities and academic backgrounds from Europe to attend a diverse, versatile and academic program.