On April 4th 2015, the last day of the seminar, the representative of the DAReC Sladjana Stojanović , spoke about Danube Masters program, the possibility of their development and active involvement, in order to strengthen the community in Danube Region countries.

Danube civil society as an open, non-profit, non-partisan based NGO is the forum for civil society cooperation within the Danube Strategy. Their activities and possibilities of trans-national, trans-regional and interdisciplinary cooperation will be presented to the participants of the seminar. That makes an opportunity for participants active in at least one field covered by the EU Strategy for the Danube Region to take an active role in the forum.

The closing ceremony was held in the City Hall, where the head of the Mayor's Office, Mr. Aleksandar Petrovic greeted the participants and award certificates of participation for this seminar, which aims to strengthen the cooperation between the countries of the Danube region.

About new the Danube master studies

On the last day of the "International Seminar of the Danube", the participants were able, among other things, to hear more about the possibilities of a new master programme, more precisely, the Danube master studies. This master programme will be something completely new. Sladjana Stojanovic, master of tourism, said that the plan is to start the programme this year or next.

It is planned that this programme includes four semesters at different locations: Ruse, Novi Sad, Ulm, Krems and Vienna. This is a preliminary master study program that is likely to change slightly, but the basic plan is to complete two semesters in Bulgaria, to choose a place for a third term from one of the cities, while the fourth term will be reserved for doing an internship in companies in offered countries. In Novi Sad, the subjects include policies, management and "soft skills." All professors are experts in their respective fields and students will have the option of choosing subjects and constant help from the university staff for everything they need while studying - Stojanovic said.

After a short presentation, seminar participants were asked questions related to this programme, and judging by their interest in it, there will be enough interest for this programme in Novi Sad.

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