8th lecture of the program “Startup Romani Women”

The 8th lecture of the program Startup Romani Women was held on Friday, May 12th. The topic of this lecture was - Marketing on social networks. The lecture was presented by Delia Bosiok, psychologist and Media team coordinator in the Danube Area Research Center. The goal of this lecture was to present the participants the concept of social networks and how to use its services for business purposes. During this lecture, the participants heard what are the most popular and useful social networks, how to make their profile and page and how to become a business user. In addition, the participants had the opportunity to hear some useful tips and tricks how to optimize their pages and how to gain more followers and traffic. Also, they heard about different target groups and how to develop content that will reach their target group. After this, the participants heard how to make their products and services presentable online and how to develop their own marketing strategy, in order to achieve profit and their business goals. The lecture was concluded with explaining characteristics of popular social networks and presenting useful links for further reading and learning about this topic.