7th lecture of the program “Startup Romani Women”

The 7th meeting of the program Startup Romani Women was held on Thursday, May 4th. The topic of this event was - Short presentations of participant’s ideas and analyze each one with focus on the structure of the project proposal (basis of startup) and possibility for founding money. Each participant was able to use the projector and PPT presentation, and for 5 minutes to present their ideas with the plan and briefly financial grounds. The presentations were followed by lecturers Tamara Pavlovic, Ivana Kristijančić and members of the project team of the DAReC. After completing the presentation, we started to analyze each project idea and future start-up with special attention to the structure of the business idea and finding co-financing for each proposal separately. The meeting ended with a discussion of the various funds in the country and abroad, as well as on the method of application, finding a partner and co-operation through the implementation of the project with him.