18th March, 2016 – Visit to Novi Sad

Today the participants of the Danube Winter School had a very interesting and productive day.

Before noon, participants had an opportunity to visit two educational facilities of the University of Novi Sad – the Faculty of Technical science and Faculty of Philosophy.

The first lecture on the 3rd day was the Network routes in the Danube region and the connection between Serbian roads and EU, which was presented by prof. dr Vuk Bogdanović, Department of Traffic Engineering, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia.

The second lecture was Discharge of wastewater into the Danube and the water quality of the river, presented by Maja Djogo, PhD, Head of the accredited laboratories for monitoring landfills, waste water and air, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia.

After this, the participants went to the Faculty of Philosophy, where they had a lecture about Re-Thinking Democracy in the Danube Regiona – Thoughts about Democracy and Authoritarianism from a Green Perspective, and it was presented by Vedran Džihić, PhD, Austrian Institute for International Affairs, University of Vienna, Austria.

After the lectures, the participants had an organized tour in the city center and went to the Petrovaradin Fortress, where they visited the Catacombs on the Petrovaradin fortress in the City Museum of Novi Sad. This was a licensed tour, with a lecture.

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