17th March, 2016 – 1st Working day at DWS16

Underwater archeology, agro-industrial incubator, Danube identity, history of the Danube Region, intercultural event

The second day of the Danube Winter School DWS16 begun with the lecture of Darko Kovačević, Researcher of the Center for Maritime archeology and underwater cultural heritage University of Alexandria in Egypt. During the interesting speech he presented the basis of underwater archeology, its development and used techniques, as well as the most important achievements in this field.

Second lecturer was Mr. Milivoj Stojanović, from BIPON Cluster, who presented the pilot project Africa – BIPOM SAZM agro-industrial incubator for vegetable farming in the municipality of Tulamela in Limpopo province in the Republic of South Africa which is supported by Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

The third lecture During was held by assistant professor Aleksej Kišjuhas, PhD from the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy University of Novi Sad, who made the presentation about the Danube identity. Ms. Aleksandra Smirnov Brikić, PhD from the Department of History, also Faculty of Philosophy University of Novi Sad, talked about the history of the Danube Region in presentation “The Christian Communities of Late Roman Pannonia”.

The official program of the second day of DWS16 was finished with the presentation of Nikola Božić, Director of the Petnica Fund, about importance of the Fund and its role of the incitement of work with young and talented people.

In the end of the working day all participants were divided into five groups and begun their work on the projects. During the evening of the second day of DWS16 the intercultural event was organized, where all participants presented the country from which they come through specific customs, food, drinks and the other characteristics.

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