10th lecture of the program Startup Romani Women

The 10th lecture of the program Startup Romani Women was held on Friday, June 2nd. The topic of this lecture was Public appearance. The lecture was presented by Ivana Knežević, TV journalist and media worker with a lot of experience in public speaking. The goal of this lecture was to present the participants the most important rules and tips regarding public speaking and how to upgrade their public appearance for business purposes. During this lecture, the participants heard what makes a good and successful public appearance, how to act in situation when they present their business or companies. In addition, the participants had the opportunity to hear some useful tips and tricks how to prepare their presentation and how to communicate with the media. Also, they heard how to keep their public’s attention and how to be focused during their presentation. The lecture was concluded with explaining what the biggest challenges of public speaking are and how to avoid common mistakes which can occur.