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Education about multimedia contents in tourism as means to promote an active vacation in the coastal region of the Danube in Vojvodina

27-28. December 2015.

Danube Area Research Center and

Pokrajinski sekretarijat za privredu, zaposljavanje i ravnopravnost polova

Danube Аrea Research Centre is a non-profit association founded in late 2014. in order to achieve the objectives in the field of scientific research, interregional cooperation and education of young people from countries in the Danube region.

The objectives of the association are:

  • Education of citizens, especially students and young professionals, socially active young people
  • Strengthening the capacities of young people and their networking with the aim to advocate the creation of an inter-regional dialogue and cross-border academic cooperation
  • Implementation of projects
  • Advocacy in the field of cultural heritage of the Danube region

Tourists generally see Vojvodina as a silent and peaceful plain in the north of Serbia, which is only partially true. Vojvodina has its other side, the one that is in motion, dynamic and full of challenges. Broad plains of Vojvodina offer many opportunities for hunting, fishing, biking, sports, equestrian sports, bird watching, water sports and hiking in nature. The significance of the project is that it will educate young people to point out the importance of tourism in Vojvodina, to promote the importance of active vacations and healthy lifestyles, as well as well as to teach them methods etc.

The aim of this project is to teach the participants of the training course how to promote the Danube's banks in Vojvodina through innovative approaches, for example by video documenting the reality of active tourism through the Internet and multimedia.

Education will run through several phases:

  • Making a promotional video about the Danube region in Vojvodina, which will show the beauty and importance of the Danube River and coastal areas
  • Developing a web site that will present the entire project and include a description of the sites on the Danube River, photos of the city, mini video clips, the main promotional video, information about each mentioned site
  • Opening profiles on social networks, because social networks today are a significant promotional tool for tourism, since they can encourage and motivate people to visit new places.
  • Promoting the idea and the project itself in the media.

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