About us

"Danube Area Research Center" is a non-profit organization, established to achieve the objectives in the field of scientific research, inter-regional cooperation and education of young people from countries in the Danube region.

Objectives of the organization are:
  • education of citizens, especially students and young professionals, socially active young people, interested in the research of the Danube region

  • strengthening the capacity of young people connection in order to create an inter-regional dialogue and cross-border academic collaboration

  • promoting multiculturalism, tolerance, multi-nationality and multi-confessional society and the fight against any form of discrimination in the Danube region

  • implementation of projects

  • organizing activities in the areas of intended goals of the organization

  • advocacy in the field of cultural heritage of the Danube region

  • partnerships with academic communities of the Danube region and civil society

To achieve objectives, DAReC, in particular:
  • collects and processes scientific and technical literature in the fields in which the organization is active

  • organizes, alone or in partnership with other organizations, professional meetings, conferences, seminars and other forms of education in it´s areas of interests

  • publishes, prints and makes multimedia publications on issues relating to the Danube region, in accordance with the law

  • organizes campaigns to promote the values of the Danube region

  • cooperates with universities, schools, professional associations, youth organizations in the country and abroad, dealing with the implementation of the objectives of the Danube Strategy

DAReC is organized and managed by the Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board. The function representative performs Chairman of the Board (Executive Director), and in his absence the Deputy President of the Management Board (Deputy of Executive Director).

The Supervisory Board controls the financial operations of the organization and notes irregularities without delay, and notifies the Board of Directors.

The Supervisory Board consists of three members elected by the Assembly. The duration of membership of the Supervisory Board lasts four years and they may be re-elected.

DAReC team

Team Member
Aleksandar M. Gajić
President of the Board and Representative
Team Member
Aleksandar Stevanović
Coordinator for logistic support
Team Member
Sanja Jugović
Program Coordinator
Team Member
Delia Bosiok
Coordinator of Legal Affairs
Team Member
Slađana Stojanović
Project team coordinator
Team Member
Marko Marković
Fundraising team coordinator
Team Member
Kristina Radović
Media Team Coordinator
Team Member
Aleksandra Ždero
Coordinator for International Relations
The Danube Region
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